Cancellation and Refund policy


We strive to please our customers; therefore, we allow them to cancel the service they are not satisfied with for a refund. A service may be cancelled if a cancellation application is sent to customer service.

This return policy applies to a cancellation application for a service:

  • that is not delivered to you as specified or in error;
  • that was not delivered in requested time period; or
  • that is one which Seller specifically authorizes for return.

The cancellation may refer to only 15 days after the cancellation was asked. In this case the customer service support team will approve your request for a refund, and will return your payment for the remaining period in 45 days after cancellation was asked.

In order for a refund under this Refund Policy to be granted you must request a Cancelation Request Authorization (CSA) number by contacting Customer Support at

If the Service is cancelled and approved in accordance with this Policy, our company will credit the account you used to make the original purchase within 45 days.

Any bank charges, any applicable taxes and any shipping and handling fees will be deducted from the return amount.